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FreeAMC Infosystems
Hardware, Networking & Wireless Wi-fi Solution Provider

About us

FreeAMC Infosystems is the company is recognized for its established professional base and commitment to providing a Highly Responsive, Customer-focused service at an affordable price.

As we turn the calendars from day to day it is important for us to recognize that the way we do business continues to evolve. More than ever businesses today rely on computer systems to provide for multitude of tasks that occur on daily basis. Networking technologies are providing the foundation for the Internet and E-commerce businesses alike, So if your company has more than two computers connected together let us show you how our professional services can benefit you. FreeAMC Infosystems offers Home users & Small to Medium size companies, the ability to achieve competitive technological improvements without the burden of having a full-time technical staff on hand. With service contracts we are able to provide any service the customer may desire without having to pay the huge price that a full time salaried professional team would incur.

With FreeAMC Infosystems you pay for what you need and nothing more. With professionals ranging from Assistant engineers to System Administrators we have what you need at a price you can afford. Our installation teams are Manufacturer Certified to handle even the most complex, high performance server, client, network with ease. Our support team consist of professionals with years of training & experience. Our strength is our ability to provide the flexible support options that our customers require.